British Columbia

Letting Sensuality Flow In British Columbia

There really is no place like British Columbia. With its beautiful nature sparkled everywhere we look, with vistas that make our souls sing with harmony and with buildings that would be fit for royalty, this piece of heaven is unlike any other.

As a British Columbia VIP Luxury Escort, I have had the chance to explore many different places and enjoy all of the amazing venues and hot spots that this area provides.

If there is one place in Canada fit for dates between escorts and companions where romance and sensuality can flow like a river of love and companionship, it would definitely be right here. Between the charming restaurants that provide the most refined foods around, to the parks and streets that light up the gloomiest day, British Columbia has it all.

With so much beauty around, it can be quite difficult to choose a place for a date or to hang out with someone, however, my experience as an escort has provided me with some of the best places to do so, where I can truly make my personality (and enticing curves) shine for my companion!

North Vancouver Independent Escort

From my personal experience as an escort, there are usually two types of companions that come my way: The ones that are lovers of luxury and romance, that prefer a beautiful date and company and, of course, the more enticing ones that prefer to have a great time under the sheets.

Make no mistake, I love both of these types because even though I’m definitely a sucker for romance and good dates (especially if there is good food involved since I love cooking) I also know how to use my body in ways that you could never imagine, after all, one of my favourite physical activities is sex.

British Columbia has many places where both types of dates can prosper, however, it is undeniable that North Vancouver is definitely more suited for the romantic kind.

Between kayaking in Deep Cove or seeing the beautiful sights atop Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver has plenty of places to fully allow for me to get to know you and, of course, for you to get to know your new exclusive Independent High-Class Escort.

Elite Escort In West Vancouver

After getting to know each other over a nice dinner or enlightening walk, there is nothing better to get the sensuality and flirtatious conversations going than a revigorating drink at an enticingly decorated bar.

One of my favourite drinks is red wine. There is nothing I love more than to sip on a glass of refined, rich red wine while sharing smirks and flirtatious comments with my companions and, lucky for us, West Vancouver has no shortage of bars that can truly bring sensuality to the surface.

Even though there are many bars that are beautifully decorated (fitting for a steamy night with a luxury escort like me) my favourite definitely has to be “Prohibition” because, not only are the drinks amazingly crafted but, the dark painted walls and beautiful assents can truly make sparks fly between me and my companion.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not the kind of woman to stay in a bar all night because, after all the drinks that bring the sexual goddess I am to fruition, going to a fantastic hotel such as the Vancouver Marriot Pinnacle Downtown Hotel and truly show you all that my body is capable off, as you delight yourself on my sensual curves, creating memories to be remembered for years to come.

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