Etiquette – Important Things You Should Know


Please answer all questions required correctly and truthfully, the more you share the likely
you’d be favoured.


Please keep all correspondence polite and professional. I do not offer a menu, I am not a restaurant. If at all you made inquires and you have yet to receive a response within 36hrs, it is most likely due to your email being offensive, explicit, vague or not a serious inquiry. If you feel all these do not apply to you, please send in another inquiry.


There is nothing more irresistible than a gentleman who is freshly showered, shaved and has minty fresh breath. This is for us to be able to maximize our experience together


Please be freshly showered with fresh breathe upon my arrival


It is an absolute necessity to take a shower upon your arrival – Everything you need, will be provided for


I am very understanding of the unpredictable nature of our schedules and commitments. If you cancel our date within 48 hours, your deposit will be applied to the engagement we reschedule for. However, if you cancel within 24 hours or less, your deposit will be used as a cancellation fee and you will need to send a new one to reschedule (this is one applicable for current and old friends. New friends would require a $250 cancellation fee)

Media (Photos/Recordings, etc)

I DO NOT allow any photos to be taken or videos to be made during our time together. Neither should it be suggested. Please respect my wishes because if caught it will result to dire consequences


Your investment is for my time only. Any activities that risks the health of either party or risk our safety will not be tolerated and
our date will be terminated immediately.

Alternative payment methods are available to established friends only.

For incalls, please place the prepared investment along with ID in clear view in the restroom within the first five minutes and do
not make a reference to it. Please then excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up.

For outcalls, please have the investment prepared along with your ID in the restroom prior to my arrival

If we are meeting in a public space, please place donation in your favourite book (I would like to know more about you), a gift
bag, a birthday card or any other discreet means

Please take the appropriate measures to follow these instructions as discussing your investments takes away from our time
together and messes with the set mood.


I will not turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes twelve but please do respect my time as I am to yours.

If for any reason, you are running late please let me know ASAP with your ETA. Appointments 5-10 minutes late will be unaffected.

However, if you’re going to be later than 15 minutes, our appointment would still hold but your time will remain the same as it cuts into our time together


I am happy to provide you with a reference if I’ve seen you in the last 3 months of our time together. Please give me a heads up if you choose me as a reference