Unwind with Winsome – Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

South of France (Pau)
Mannerless people
Financial Freedom
Believe it or not, I wanted to be a politician. LOL!
Ride a Horse
I absolutely love surprises; good surprises though. There’s just something about the unexpected happening
Generous, Witty, Intelligent, Bubbly and a Great Cook
Ask me this in person :)
I don’t think I’ve ever received a gift I would consider bad
Drinking Tea
People with bad hygiene and Open mouthed chewers
Running my own finance firm
Approximately 36 hours, I was studying for my final year exams
Migrated to another country at a moment’s notice (Ask me about it in person)
French and Japanese Cuisine
I am a very Clean person
As cheesy as it might sound, but my favourite childhood memory was my first family vacation to Disneyland Paris
The Tourist
Glass Half Full
I’m an ambivert (A person who is both introverted and extroverted)
Sense of Touch
Administrative Assistant
Bungee Jumping
Sense of Humour, Compassion, Open-Mindedness, Kindness and Intelligence
Optimism, My breasts, Rationality, Straight healthy teeth, Work Ethic and discipline (I LOVE MYSELF!)
I can’t decide between my breasts or my smile, literally. LOL!
Any Pastel Colour
Water, Tea and Wine (Red)
“When there’s a will, there’s always a way”
Reading, watching tv shows and people-watching
I have so many, lol.
The kindness of a stranger (I never saw the person again) - Long story. Maybe I would tell you all about it over dinner.
I have a full blown concert, LOL
Can I say both? I am a romantic, I believe both goes hand in hand
Straight shooters because I am the same way
I don’t
I do, a lot actually. But the most visible ones are; the one on my the top of my right breast. The one on my bottom lip and the one on my inner thigh
Yes I do.
Candle light dinner, a theatre show and long evening walks
Shark and Crocodile Cage Diving
Not difficult at all, my mental health is more important to me
9 (Africa; 3. North America; 3. Europe; 4)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Hahaha, ask me in person.
Pau, France
I am very hospitable
“I love your aura”
Take my clothes off - I am a nudist
It’s coziness and location
11:30pm / 12:30pm
Romance Novels and Self-Help Books
That if you swallowed a fruit seed, it will grow inside you. LOL
Mandarin (Currently learning)
Self-Care; Grooming
Learning how to play the violin
Becoming a Lawyer
Learning Mandarin
Ask me in person
Cage Diving
Why don’t you be the judge of that
Reptiles. I just have a phobia for anything that crawls
Good Hygiene, Good Etiquette and an amazing sense of Humour
I love chewing ice
It has to be vaginal to get an orgasm
WomenOne - Educate a Girl
The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli
Travel the world with friends and family and make amazing memories together
Bora Bora or Japan
Stay One age forever
Free Education
Phone Calls
Speak 10 Different languages fluently
50-50 chance at $10 million - “What is life if we don’t take risks?”
Ancient Rome