Elite Calgary Escort & Companion

As an Independent High-Class Escort in Calgary, I would describe myself the same way I would describe the surrounding area: calm, sensual, and with a lot to discover. I’m the kind of woman that can be collected and romantic when getting to know someone but, once I’m fully comfortable, I can be bubbly and the sensual goddess you’ve always wanted to have.

The way for a companion to really get me to fully open up in the most amazing way is to have great humor and, of course, to want me as much as I want him. I’m undoubtedly a people pleaser so, my one priority is always to make you feel like you are living in a sensual white dream, wrapped in the curves of my body and the giggles between naughty comments.

Luxury Ebony Companion in Calgary

My ideal first dates with companions can be quite varied. I’m the kind of woman that absolutely loves surprises (provided they’re good) so, I sometimes do enjoy when my high-class companions choose where and how the date will go with me, their Elite VIP Luxury escort in Calgary. Generally speaking, dates usually start with a nice dinner. There are a varied plethora of amazing elite worthy restaurants in Calgary however, some of my favourites definitely have to be the Bow Valley Ranche restaurant and the River Cafe.

I’m mentioning these two in particular because I’m a sucker for a romantic dinner with great food, complemented by a good conversation and a great view and, both of them provide that with the utmost class and elegance. After an amazing dinner (or lunch), getting to know each other, and sharing flirtatious comments in between every bite and sip, comes the time to digest and to have a little bit of a walk around.

I absolutely love long evening walks, in fact, I would even go as far as to say that they are truly part of what my idea of a perfect date might be. Long evening walks are a splendorous way to contemplate our surroundings, enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other further, as we feel like we are the only ones in this world, walking side by side.

Get To Know Me In Calgary

Once the walk is over and the food is well digested, the date can really take quite a turn.
From there on out, anything is possible. We could go out to town and have a couple of drinks, we could watch a play or a movie at one of the amazing theatres that Calgary provides (I recommend the Vertigo Theatre) or, perhaps speed things up and go straight to the hotel.

I am known to be quite the romantic woman and to have a very serene and calm aura, however, when the mood is right I can really let the enticing goddess in me come out, wrapping my companion in a velvet curtain of sensuality and enticement, where our bodies intertwine in whispers, breaths, and touches, among many other things.

Hotels such as the Fairmont Palliser really bring the sensual woman in me to the surface and, it is truly up to my companion to then participate or, just watch, as I bring heaven to earth wrapped around my lips.

I can be your ebony escort in Canada. Exclusive arrangements available; Contact me directly for more information.